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Technological and innovative solutions

We aim to empower businesses throughout Latin America

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Our Mission

We aim to drive evolution in all our clients by utilizing useful and accessible technologies that boost their business growth.

How We Achieve It

We strive for continuous improvement. We explore new and innovative ways to create solutions and constantly adapt to changes.


We seek to be a company that enhances processes across various industries worldwide through technology and innovation.

Boxer Gestión

The most comprehensive management software for Auto Parts Stores in Argentina. It enables overall business control, direct billing with AFIP in real time, and automatic stock updates.

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Duck Gestión

The software focused on managing ventures from any sector. Connected with AFIP, sales history, integration with Tienda Nube, and many more features.

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Using AI, Boxi assists organizations in promoting feedback among colleagues and tracking each individual's career plan.

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Our Team

The company is built by all collaborators together

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